Abrock is a leading percussionist,artist and singer in South India . He plays a lot of instruments including drums, percussion, etc. He has played and actes in lot of the famous events and programs and has gained recognition all over the world.At this young age he has won acclades and aims to the be the best in the very near future in the music indutry and film industry.Started drumming, acting and singing at a very young age he has many events to his credit .He has created a niche in using abe(an instrument) which his father has created for him.His mastery has created fans in his field at a very young age .He is a child prodigy in the making.


Cinematographer Karthick Ashwin

Karthick Ashwin is one of the upcoming cinimatographers in chennai.He is a prodigy in the making. An assured talent for future . You can see some of his works in the folowing page and see for yourself. His works capture intense emotions that move our hearts even with the lightest touch.Having a lot of experience under his umbrella he has the best talent in generating soulful puctures which can sooth your senses . He is a future talent to look upon and will surely be going to etch his mark in the industry.

Famous Musician Jayakumar

Jayakumar is a budding talent in this field and has been the ultimate in the field of musical industry and is a famous musician in chennai.He is Abrocks elder brother . Working with him will leave you speechless.He has also completed around 400 stage programs at a very young age .He is a famous artist,percussionist,-a famous musical personality . He has showcased his talents in stages worldwide.Also in Indian President House .His programs are always a visual treat.Also a participant of Indo African summit.

Director Manisamy

Director Maniswamy directs movies which are amusing , terrifying, deightful, and inspire us with the talent behind the camera for crafting memorabe movies. He is also challenging in his field and has made a distinctive approach to his works rather than the sheep model.He is a person to look upto in the future in the list of greatest directors of all time

lyrics Writer John Milton

John Milton has been the pioneer in the field of art and also has tries his hands in lyric writing and suceeded, catapulting lyric writing to the next level.He has more than two decades of experience in art which comes in handy during the needs. Having a lot of experience under his belt he has the best team in generating soulful lines which can melt you down . He is Abrocks Father and his mentor..

Amazing singer in the making

Abrock is a child singer and he also creates his own lyrics with his mentor dad John Milton . A music arranger and additionally an entertainer,.We ought to let you know he likewise penned a folk song - and was six at the time. Contemplating all that ability makes your head hurt a bit.He is an astonoshing musical taent to look upto and a fool proof tlent to work with.

The little champ of acting

Abrock is a child prodigy who has made the jump to full stardom In art .We are very fortunate to enjoy the glimpse of the young champs early talent . you can later view the stunning display of art in the videos to be uploaded. wonder kid take the art to next level and shows his mind melting talent sit back to be inspired and utterly surprised by his abilities multi talented acting prodigy.

Extraordinary percussionist

Abrock is a specialist in playing abe .He plays a lot of instruments including indian classical percussion and jazz drums . He has learnt the art by his own and he does not have a teacher and he has learnt by his own .Abrock has adorned about 200 stages as a percussionist .A dazzling show from this adolescent on the percussion. Amazingly, he's said to have never had a percussion lesson, and taught himself how to play. Watch and be amazed.You recall what life was similar to as a toddler. Leaving all the fancies of children , he let himself grow into a complete package in the industry

About instrument: That instrument is rectangle size 20x16 which can be adjusted on one side.Its a produces a unique sound .The front part is covered with faux skin and can be played with both hands and legs by sitting on the top of the equipment. Hands are used for tempo and legs are used to adjust base.There is a screw to tight from behing which can be used to adjust the intensity of sound . This is a unique instrument because